Freight Collections

Late payments cost money. Never being paid costs even more.  We can help to collect Freight Bills, Equipment Charges, Maritime Invoices and other Logistical invoices. 

At CTAS, we provide the customer a long history of experience and expertise representing Motor Carriers, Brokers, Overnight Delivery Companies, Logistical Services, Ocean Carriers, Air and Rail Services.

Companies chose us for our diversity to achieve favorable results when collecting the most complicated collection cases.  Our years of working within the industry allow us to deliver exceptional results when litigating or to recover any and all of your past due accounts.

While Freight Collections may have challenges, trusting your accounts to a company with the Know-How, Commitment, and Expertise necessary to produce a high collection yield is of utmost importance.  

For the majority of clients, CTAS works strictly on a contingency basis. We earn a fee based only on the amount(s) paid.  Otherwise, there is no charge.