Litigation Services

Legal intervention is always used as a last resort, but having the tools available when needed, can play a major role in the receivable process.  Our staff and the attorneys we employ are well versed in maritime law and transportation related matters.  We have the expertise to effectuate collection on the most difficult of cases.

Once attempts to resolve the obligation through customary channels, such as Sales and Finance are not working.  Our Legal Group through our network of attorneys can then step in to provide a variety of litigation management services.  Our staff working with the attorneys we employ can help to facilitate closure of the unresolved obligation including locating, litigating and recovering of assets on a National basis.

In addition to our strong collection recovery, our pre-litigation service can greatly reduce the need for unnecessary suits, or judgments that are not enforceable by investigating the viability of a lawsuit before a recommendation is made.  This saves a great deal of money, time and frustration on the part of our clients. A costly judgment is worth very little if it cannot be collected, all litigation must be approved by in writing.

CTAS can provide you with a no obligation litigation quote on any account you have an interest in pursuing.

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