First Party Services

Our outsourcing division offers a dedicated first party contact center based in the United States providing Accounts Receivable Management Services exclusively to companies from within the transportation industry. Our service provides customers a more consistent approach to the reduction of their delinquency balances. We not only provide first or third party assistance but also work as an Outsourcing Partner in areas such as Early Reminders, Pre-Collection Calls, Dispute Management & Invoicing.

Our staff can provide effective calling campaign solutions when reminding your customers early on of their pending past due accounts. We also can provide a more conventional approach to ones were their accounts have become seriously past due.

With years of representing transportation companies, CTAS is a recognized leader and Trusted Partner in the Managed Receivables and Debt Collection arena.

  • Greater responses than letter writing
  • Dedicated telephone campaigns
  • Accelerated Cash Flow
  • Reduced DSO
  • Better focus on key objectives
  • Customized Receivable Services