Our in house asset recovery team can easily assist in locating hard to find accounts including there assets.

Once you have decided to place accounts with us, the process is easy. No long term commitments are required, you would merely email or phone our client group listed below to begin the process. There is no upfront costs and you pay us nothing if we can not collect.

Client Group email: info@ctas.net

Toll Free: 1.800.770.2827

There is no fee unless we collect your money. Since each placement can present a different set of circumstances, we work with you to provide a competitive rate structure based on volume or size of the case.

The age of any account is one of the most important factors in determining the outcome of the case. Most often the recovery rate is much higher when the account is placed in the first 180 days from invoice date. While the first 180 days is important, we don’t dictate to our clients the age of the accounts they chose to place with us.

If the account for any unfortunate reason needs to be escalated to an Attorney. Our Legal Group with the help of our nationwide network of lawyers who specialty is Transportation Law. Can to help with the recovery and litigation of the case.